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PEEP: How to Persuade when it matters

PEEP to persuadeA couple of years ago I got to attend a lecture by Ray Mohr in which he was teaching a simple technique to help teach us better persuasion skills. I have also seen this technique explained by Andrii Sedniev in his book Magic of Impromptu Speaking: Create a Speech that will be Remembered.

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Table Topics: Once upon a time

Whether in Toastmasters, at a networking event, in an Interview, or maybe doing a Question and Answer section of a presentation…Impromptu speaking skills are important for establishing your credibility and being interesting.

How to prepare a Speaker IntroductionWill we always be great? Not necessarily, yet with practice we will always be better than when we started.

I was in San Diego for a business conference recently and we had to partner up, pull an object from a bag, and then sell it to our partner.

This is an excellent exercise to practice with silly objects and I have asked Toastmaster members to tell stories with their object as the primary character in their story.

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