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Meeting Minutes – November 1, 2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

A great meeting opened by President Alice Miller at Frisco Town Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Toastmaster was Pat Moore with the theme of Snow.

Image courtesy of Mountain Valley Ventures, Inc.

  • Alan Swartz gave a speech on his summary of his High Performance Leadership Project, the Teller Park Weed Management Action Plan.  It involved a guidance committee of the Park County weed Advisory Committee,  learning the six dimensions of service leadership( vision and values, direction, persuasion, support, development, and appreciation).   A vision, mission, core values, action strategy, key result areas, and a timetable and action plan were part of the project.
  • Yvonne Bryant spoke on a Wrinkle in Time about the importance of practice, arriving early, saying you don’t know when you don’t have an answer to an audience question, and other tips to be successful as a professional presenter.  It was a great speech and earned her a Best Speaker Award.

Alan was evaluated by Alice and Yvonne was evaluated by Lance Miller.  Both evaluations had great suggestions for the speakers for improvement and Lance was named Best Evaluator.

For Table Topics, Travis Usinger was the master.

  • Alice Miller spoke on What is Your Favorite Season and Why?
  • Pat Moore spoke on What would be your ideal second home?
  • Lance Miller spoke on What practices do you have to take care of yourself?
  • Yvonne Bryant spoke on Is there any seasonal transitions you have trouble with and how do you prepare for them?
  • Alan Swartz and Travis Usinger spoke on What is your time of greatest joy?
  • Alan also spoke on What food are you allergic to or have an aversion to?

Alan was named Best Table Topics Speaker.

Lance was timer, Travis was grammarian, and Alice was General Evaluator.  Our word of the day was tenacious.

Reminder our Christmas Party is December 6th.


Meeting Minutes – 9/20/2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

What a great meeting!  Three speakers and great table topics.

President Alice Miller opened the meeting.  Amy Nakos was Toastmaster and Table Topics Master.  Suri Seghal from Florida was our Toastmaster guest.

  • Speakers were Travis Usinger  speaking on “Active the Passive Body and Calm the Active Mind,” evaluated by Yvonne Bryant.
Photo Credit Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Photo Credit Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

  • Alan Swartz gave a humorous speech “Alpha Male Undressed” evaluated by Amy Nakos.
  • Suri Seghal spoke on “Blue Zones”, areas on earth where people live to be over 100 and some of the principles of long life.
Blue Zones

Blue Zones (image courtesy of MinnPost photo by Kay Harvey)

Best Speaker was Travis Usinger.  Best Evaluator was Amy Nakos.

  • For Table Topics, Jim Shaw spoke on “What is your single worst fear?”
  • Yvonne Bryant spoke on “What is the last thing you would like to see before you die?”
  • Alice Miller spoke “If you could become a member of another family, who would it be?”

Best table topics was tie between Alice and Yvonne.

A reminder that dues are due by October 1 and are now $39 due to the increase by Toastmasters International.

Meeting Minutes – October 4, 2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

Meeting was called to order by Pat Moore at Frisco Town Hall at 6:30 p.m.

In honor of the fall weather, Pat used the theme of Orange.


Oranges (Image courtesy of

Doug Mendel  gave his icebreaker on “How Cambodia Changed My Life.”  He discussed his first trip to Cambodia in 1995 and how he returned to Cambodia in 1997, 2000, and 2001.  He obtained three boxes of fire station clothing to send in 2003, and later two fire engines to help 6 stations in Cambodia.  He has established a nonprofit for a cause greater than himself to help.

For more information here are additional links to this worthy cause:

Doug was evaluated by Alan.  Each was named best speaker and evaluator respectively.

Suri Sehgal was Table Topics Master.

  • Yvonne Bryant spoke on “What does success mean to you?
  • Scott Bierman spoke on “Do you believe in miracles?”
  • Amy Nakos spoke on What does Hope mean to you?
  • Travis Usinger spoke on How do greed, fear, and need relate?
  • Alan Swartz spoke on Why are we having strange weather?
  • Doug Mendel spoke on Can’t we make apple juice ourselves?
  • Pat Moore spoke on  Why can we buy oranges cheaper in Colorado than Florida?

Pat was Toastmaster and shared thousands of jokes about oranges.

Amy was Grammarian.

Scott Bierman was best Table Topics speaker.

I still have orange jokes running through my head.

Meeting Minutes – 09/06/2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

A great meeting.  Presiding officer was Alice Miller at the Frisco Town Hall.   Guests were Suri and Edda Seghal, Lawrence Walsh and Nadina Girard.  Lawrence and Nadina were from Montreal Toastmasters.

Toastmaster for the evening using a Brown Bag meeting format was Lance Miller using the theme: Into the Fire!

Heart on Fire

Speakers were Alice Miller on Finding Your Voice, evaluated by Yvonne Bryant.  She used the example of our International Director who left service as a nun to find her voice.

Suri Seghal spoke on rural development in India as foundation attempts to help people value the land and improve their water sources and quality.  They are up to 200 villages this year and hope to double that next year.  They have completed research to determine how empowerment of the people will lead to maintaining the systems they develop and how they can develop low cost items for the people to improve their life.  Suri was evaluated by Lawerence Walsh.

Alan Swartz was Table Topics Master.  Speakers were Nadina on Life is Full of Setbacks, Lawerence on Breathe Deeply and Doug Mendel on Practice Yoga so you can remain active in physical activities later in life.

Lawrence was best Table Topics Speaker, Alice was Best Speaker, and Lawrence was named Best Evaluator.  Timer was Nadina, Grammarian was Yvonne Bryant.

It was fantastic to have guests from other Toastmaster Clubs.

Meeting Minutes – 08/16/2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

Meeting was called to order at Frisco Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. by President Alice Miller. Pledge was led by Alan Swartz.  Guest was Suri Seghal of Fort Meyers Florida Toastmasters District 47.

Yvonne Bryant led us through Moments of Truth, an analysis of club effectiveness. She was evaluated by Mike Clement. We broke into groups to discuss the six areas of emphasis.

Pat Moore spoke on Remember and Repeat from a workshop by Elaine Love at the TLI in Colorado Springs. It was about making an effective presentation.

Table topics was led by Alice Miller.

  • Jim Shaw spoke on If you had to be homeless for one year, where would you want to be?
  • Alan Swartz spoke on If you could visit one planet, what one would it be?
  • Seri spoke on If you could be granted one thing beside money, what would it be?
  • Mike Clement spoke on If you could eliminate one prejudice from earth, what would it be?

Alan was timer, Alice was grammarian, and Suri was general evaluator.

  • Best Evaluator was Mike
  • Best Table Topics was Alan.

Word of the day was auspicious.

aus·pi·cious Adjective /ôˈspiSHəs/

1. Conducive to success; favorable: “an auspicious moment to hold an election”.

2. Giving or being a sign of future success.

Suri will speak at the next meeting as he heads a foundation on rural development in India.