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World Championship of Public Speaking

Toastmasters International2014 World Championship of Public Speaking

District 26 Toastmasters covering Colorado, Wyoming, and Western Nebraska convenes its Spring Conference tonight where our candidate for the International Speech Contest delegate for the Toastmasters International Convention will be selected. (There will be a Business Meeting also to work on the realignment of the District Areas and Divisions…)

Who will represent District 26 at the International Convention?
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Find Your Voice – Share Your Message

Life is a series of presentationsFind Your Voice

We get many messages to follow the rules and conform to the group message in our daily lives. At times, you may feel like you have something inside, a message, that needs to come out. Sometimes, after years of disuse…you must find yourself and find your voice again. Continue reading

About Mark Brown: 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking

Mark Brown World Champion of Public SpeakingMark Brown

Mark Brown during a National Speakers Association Interview with Diane Bogino. (5:26 minutes)

Inspiring interview on the value of mentoring, his work with Youth, working with other speakers, and the  Some of the points discussed… Continue reading

PEEP: How to Persuade when it matters

PEEP to persuadeA couple of years ago I got to attend a lecture by Ray Mohr in which he was teaching a simple technique to help teach us better persuasion skills. I have also seen this technique explained by Andrii Sedniev in his book Magic of Impromptu Speaking: Create a Speech that will be Remembered.

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Table Topics: Once upon a time

Whether in Toastmasters, at a networking event, in an Interview, or maybe doing a Question and Answer section of a presentation…Impromptu speaking skills are important for establishing your credibility and being interesting.

How to prepare a Speaker IntroductionWill we always be great? Not necessarily, yet with practice we will always be better than when we started.

I was in San Diego for a business conference recently and we had to partner up, pull an object from a bag, and then sell it to our partner.

This is an excellent exercise to practice with silly objects and I have asked Toastmaster members to tell stories with their object as the primary character in their story.

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