PEEP: How to Persuade when it matters

PEEP to persuadeA couple of years ago I got to attend a lecture by Ray Mohr in which he was teaching a simple technique to help teach us better persuasion skills. I have also seen this technique explained by Andrii Sedniev in his book Magic of Impromptu Speaking: Create a Speech that will be Remembered.

In what instances do you need to persuade or influence somebody?

  • Corporate meetings
  • Selling a product or service
  • Asking somebody to marry you
  • Interviewing for a job

So, what is the secret simple formula for persuading people when you need a decision? How do you persuade people when it matters?

PEEP to persuade




Make a point in the opening or beginning of your presentation. Make sure that it is strong.

“Organizations that work with Yvonne increase productivity by at least 50% and income on average 200%.”

A weak point would look something like this…

“The success of the economic development activities in our community will depend on whether the town and the communities members can work together.”



Here in the body of your presentation is where you state your reasons for making this point…

“Alice had been working with organizations internationally for over 20 years setting up systems and strategic plans to get them from Pint A to B.”



Examples or illustrations justify your explanations. They could include personal stories, news stories, statistical evidence, research conclusions, expert testimony, personal testimony, analogies, photographs, or even a quote.
You can transition to this by using phrases such as “for example” or “imagine.”
Examples help you connect or resonate.
“For example, Doug was recognized across 11 universities and 13 Departments with the University of Toastmasters International for creating a database that increased office efficiency an estimated 50%.
He then went on to work for Company XYZ Cambodia where his department billings doubled from $114,000 to $240,000.”



This is where you wrap things up by repeating what your original point was.

“We should hire Alan…he has proven strategies to increase organization efficiency and he knows how to grow the organization while increasing nonprofit donations.”

You have the framework…
Now go out there and persuade someone!

Keep Calm and PEEP on

Note: Names and facts have been changed in the above examples…


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  1. Very interesting. thanks for sharing

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