Top Tip to Overcome Failure

Letter B blue boxAlways have a Plan B

As you do more presentations and speeches, you may notice things don’t always go as planned.  Having been in this situation multiple times over the years, I try to have at least one backup plan…ie. Plan B

Some examples have included:

  • Bring a spare laptop
  • Bring the powerpoint on the laptop, on Dropbox, a thumb drive and a CD. You honestly never know which one is going to work on some systems.
  • Have a hardcopy of the presentation to speak from. You never know if there will be a power outage or maybe an old version of power point ate parts of your presentation…this happened to me back in October.
  • Know which parts of your presentation can be cut.  I’ve spoken at two events this past year in which the presenter before me went over their time by 20 minutes.
  • Be flexible…The room may not be set up the way that had been planned prior to the event.  There is a whole other story here…

See how Sally Hogshead handled her recent event… (excerpt from 7 Ways to Overcome Failure)

Sally Hogshead & ways to Overcome Failure

The moment I walked on stage for a recent big speech, my microphone died. No sound. Yikes.

How can you over-deliver for your client if your audience can’t hear the speech you flew 2,000 miles to deliver?

Always have Plan B ready, to keep your listeners engaged. That way, you won’t get flustered, and they won’t get bored.

In this case I said:
“Don’t worry, I’ve been trained in MIME… and I’ll be delivering the entire speech in interpretive dance.”

By the time the laughter died down, my new mic was ready to go, and the speech went on to a standing ovation!

Plan BHow do YOU deal when the situation doesn’t go according to plan?


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