Living a life on purpose…

Courtney Kirschbaum

Summit Toastmaster – Courtney Kirschbaum
Top 10 Finalist in the eWomen Network North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest

Are you doing what you love? Are you where you want to be? Are you surrounded by people who believe in you?

Courtney Kirschbaum joined Summit Toastmasters in January of this year as she transitioned from her corporate job, to starting her new business CK Consulting. Her goal originally was to work up to do a 20 minute TED Talk, but in March she learned about the eWomen network North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest.

Courtney jumped at the opportunity…” If you are lucky enough to have an amazing experience, you don’t run from it…You run to it!”

Courtney submitted her 90-second audition in April and was first selected to be among 15 semi-finalists.

“I don’t’ think my audition would have made the cut if it had not been for the help and feedback I got from our club members, particularly Foothills Division Governor Yvonne Bryant, who helped me organize and tune the delivery of my speech.”

The public then voted and the eWomen network announced the top 10 semi-finalists on May 17th.

Courtney will be competing for the North American’s Next Greatest Speaker title at the eWomen Network Conference in Dallas, TX August 8-12. She will do her 3-minute presentation on opening night. If selected in the top three, she will then do her 6-minute speech on the closing night.

“You are never too old, or too far down your path to take a leap of faith and go for what you want…

Two things you can do:
1. Believe it is possible…
2. Fire that voice in your head and surround yourself with people who believe in you…”

Courtney is the 2013-2014 VP of Education for Summit Toastmasters where she will be helping members with their goals to live their lives of purpose.

See Courtney’s 90 second submission at:
She can be contacted at:


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