How to prepare your Speaker Introduction

How to prepare a Speaker IntroductionHaving just put together two Leadership Institutes, I have realized the importance of working with new speakers/presenters to develop

As clubs develop and the level of speaking skills improve, the need for a good introduction becomes more apparent.  Within Toastmasters, you see the requirement of a member preparing an introduction more in the advanced manuals and the Speaker and Leadership Development series.

Up until those points, you typically see either the Toastmaster or the Speaker’s Evaluator doing the introduction and this is generally maybe a few comments on the speaker and reading the speech objectives from the manual.

I challenge yo to take the next step and start developing your introductions to your speeches to help set the stage for your speech, but to also help the person introducing you.

Here are some tips to help you…

  1. Tailor the introduction to the group.  (If practicing a real presentation at a Toastmasters meeting, inform the club of what group they are pretending to be.)
  2. Keep the introduction to one page.
  3. I’ve heard a minimum of 16pt font.  I personally like 18pt in an outline format, sans-serif.  (Paragraphs are very hard to ready when introducing a speaker.  I also have astigmatisms after two eye surgeries and have trouble seeing in certain lights which is why I recommend the 18pt and sans-serif.  Those are easier on eyes.)
  4. Format should include your topic/title, Importance of the topic, and speaker information.

So what may an introduction look like? Example…

Introduction of Yvonne Bryant


Our Speaker believes that we can all benefit from learning the

5 steps to Implementing an Employee Leadership Program

Importance of Topic

Yvonne will be sharing 5 steps that she promises will have us looking forward to increasing our business and personal happiness when our employees take ownership within their roles.

Yvonne’s ideas can be used in any business or profession.  With the right tools and support, Yvonne believes that your organization can grow AND you can have satisfied, engaged employees.


As a member of Toastmasters International, Yvonne is the 2011-2012 District 26 Toastmaster of the Year for Colorado, Wyoming, and Western Nebraska for Leadership Excellence and Service.

She is owner of Motus Design Group, llc a boutique consulting and coaching firm.  Yvonne is known for inspiring others with her enthusiasm and possesses a genuine heart to help others unlock their leadership potential and talents to not only achieve their goals, but to exceed them.

Please help me welcome our speaker…Yvonne Bryant!

This introduction would be further broken down into areas where the speaker wants  pause and would be in at least 18pt font sans-serif font as recommended above.

If for a Toastmasters manual speech, you could easily add a short section with the speech objectives between the importance of the topic and the speaker sections.

You can email me Yvonne Bryant if you would like a sample of an introduction I prepared for another speaker who sent a paragraph for their workshop.


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