Club Vision Workshop – 9/04/2012

During our September 4th meeting at the Frisco Town Hall, we had two great workshops.  The first was Evaluate to Motivate by Alice Miller followed by a demonstration evaluation by Jim Shaw.  These were videoed so we will see whether we can get permission to post this for everybody.  The information was pertinent to both speakers and managers who evaluate their employees.

I then led a Club Vision Workshop.

NOTE: Toastmasters Clubs can also do the Moments of Truth session from the Successful Club Series.  We did a modified workshop to meet our present needs.

“What?” you may be asking is a club vision workshop.

Well, in many organizations, you see training at the leadership level in which the leadership sets goals for the organization for the upcoming year and beyond. For Summit Toastmasters, we have grown from 11 members to our target 20 members since February 2012.

That is considerable growth for any organization as it changes the group dynamics.  The club vision workshop allowed us to discuss our personal goals that Toastmasters could help us with and then discuss as a club (including our guests) areas we need to improve and goals we would like to pursue.

What does this do?

It provides ownership of what the club is doing throughout its membership.  It helps members see what the Executive Team has been doing behind the scenes, and it provides everybody the opportunity to help the club (not just the officers).  This workshop also identified the need to bring in additional club revenues to provide the Community Outreach Programs that our new membership is interested in doing.

So what were the results? What does Summit Toastmasters want to work on this year?  Here are the results recorded by our Secretary Doug Mendel and myself…

Yvonne had the members give personal goals the Toastmasters can help with.

  • Alice-To give a competent leader pin/award
  • Brandi- To give a toast at a wedding
  • Jim Shaw- To mentor 2-3 members improve in their speaking skills like Alice has.
  • Colleen-To practice various roles (Grammarian, Evaluator, Toastmaster, etc.) to listen and communicate more effectively.
  • Chriss-To work on a 7 minute video to promote upcoming book.
  • Janet-To have a better understanding of each desired skill for each roll.
  • Susan-To become better at testifying in court with less anxiousness.
  • Travis-Do more videos, promoting videos, having more content, sharing videos.
  • Pat-”All I want to do is have some fun”, to encourage club to become involved in
  • community.
  • Barbara-to become connected to the audience.
  • Jim Van Hoet- More experiences with business presentations.
  • Doug-To clarify manuscript for book.
  • Carl-Be more precise with evaluations and communications.
  • Yvonne-To give presentations on the business and professional side.

Yvonne had members do an exercise under the pretense, “ Creating the Extraordinary ! Club”. We broke into groups of 3-4 and wrote down on big post-it paper, 1) Areas to improve and, 2) Goals for Club. A great exercise with some fantastic ideas that hopefully will be implemented.

Group 1 – Jim, Alan, Colleen, Brandi

1. Areas to Improve:

  • Starting meetings on time
  • Ending meetings on time
  • PR & Marketing:
    • Have some socials/ social meeting meetings with snacks
    • Email Blasts (Constant Contact?)
    • Summit Daily

2. Goals for Club

  • Promo meeting for guests
  • Local Celebrity as member
  • Get involvement beyond officers within club

Group 2- Doug, Carl, Jim

1. Areas to Improve:

  • Get the mission out to Public about TM
  • Clarifying meeting roles
  • PR in Summit Daily

2. Goals for Club

  • Government and other HR departments that TM available to help
  • Bring in more Guest Speakers

Group 3 – Pat, Barbara, Travis

1. Areas to Improve:

  • Membership attendance
  • Make website more friendly for guests
  • Individual responsibility for club meeting roles

2. Goals for Club

  • Community workshops
  • Outreach meetings
  • Structure variety in meetings (Change things up and have fun)

Group 4 – Alice, Chriss, Janet, Susan

1. Areas to Improve:

  • Mtg role expectations
  • More mentoring of new member resources
  • Suggestion: Pair experienced member with a new member when they are taking on a new role

2. Goals for Club

  • Community Involvement
  • Outreach to local government & boards
  • Workshops, Lunch & learns
  • Business cards for club

Alan Swartz, the Treasurer, talked about club finances. He recommended the dues be raised from $3 to $10 bi-annually. A motion was raised and a majority vote solidified the request for the increase in dues


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