Speak & Deliver – If You Don’t Write It, You Won’t Say It

I’m asked by new Toastmasters all of the time whether I write my speeches out.  I must honestly say it depends.

“What?” you may be asking.  Let me clarify this a bit.

If You Don't Write It, You Won't Say It

When I am starting a new speech, I do write out multiple versions of it to clarify my thoughts, work on my transitions, and work on creating a cohesive message.  I am currently in the process of re-writing two old speeches; I’m coming to realize they have a wider merit and audience base if I do this.

In Toastmasters, there are some presentations that are already written (ie. the Better Speaker Series, the Leadership Excellence Series, the Better Club series, etc).  These I take and rewrite portions of them to personalize them so that I can better present them in my own words and experiences.

You may now be wondering why I am even writing about this.  Rich Hopkins had a new post today on his Speak & Deliver website about writing your speeches out.  See the link below:

Speak & Deliver – A Public Speaking Blog For the Speaking Public: If You Don’t Write It, You Won’t Say It.

Having just come from the District conference noted in his article, I have an idea of which contestant he is speaking about.  My advice…

Write your speeches out to organize your thoughts and clarify your messages!

(Doesn’t hurt to read some of Rich’s articles also.)



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