Youth Workshops

I’ve heard a lot about the Youth Leadership program offered through Toastmasters.  To date, our club has had limited exposure to this 8-week program.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t exploring options for doing short introductory workshops in the community.  On Friday, we presented on of our first introductory workshops to a group of homeschool students ranging from 5-years old up to high school age.

Pat Moore took on the challenge of coordinating the session with the parents and then preparing an agenda.

  • 5 min    Introduction of Presenters: Pat Moore & Yvonne Bryant
  • 8 min    Importance of Public Speaking  (questions/answers) – Pat
  • 5 min    Speaker Assessment Sheet  (self assessment) – Pat
  • 2 min    Introduction of Toastmasters  (lecture) – Yvonne
  • 7 min    Speech sample: 10 Tips for Successful Public Speaking (lecture) – Yvonne
  • 6 min  Steps for Preparing a Speech  (Fill in the blank sheet) – Pat
  • 15 min  Fun Tips on Body Language  (activity) – Pat
  • 8 min    The Importance of Evaluations  (sandwich) – Yvonne
  • 4 min    Conclusion (Youth Leadership Program)   Yvonne
  • 1 hour Total

We did a variation on Fun Tips on Body Language by breaking the kids up into two groups – older students and younger students.  It was definitely fun working with the kids on ways they could use body language when doing different types of presentations.

Can’t wait for feedback on our community outreach project!




2 responses to “Youth Workshops

  1. Wow! You had 5 year-olds there? I bet an hour was a bit much for them… good thing you kept the flow moving!

    I think the YLP program would be perfect for the homeschool crowd. There are so many good things about a local home-school group and organized programs like this. Makes me think of my Little House days…

  2. Anthony A. Kung DTM

    The 40 kids that I worked with (ages 8-15) enjoyed the 8-week program so much, I was asked to come back not only the next semester to conduct another 8-week program, but the next 5 semesters! If you want any advice or suggestions about running your program, I’d be happy to share!

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