Volunteering in Non-profits – WIIFY

Why volunteer in a non-profit?  Why volunteer in Toastmasters?

What’s in it for you? (WIIFY) or What’s in it for me? (WIIFM)

What's in it for Me

It’s that time of year when Toastmasters and many other groups are looking for the next batch of leaders.  In Toastmasters, our year of service (if you volunteer) starts in July and goes through June.

I’ve been asked by many friends why I volunteer in multiple organizations.  The simple truth is that I like helping people, I believe we must step up to the bat if we are to make things better, and you can learn a lot of new skills by volunteering in non-profit organizations.

What have I learned by volunteering in Toastmasters?

  • How to communicate with people of different communication style.  I’m an Analytical, Conceptual, Social trimodal thinker. (Emergenetics)
  • Public Relations.  What company doesn’t need staff who can promote their good deeds?  Making posters can be a lot of fun also…
  • Social Media.  Non-profits always need people to help with websites, blogs, faceboof, etc.  This is a great venue for learning.  I’d never touched a blog, much less designed and taught blogging before volunteering…
  • Planning events. How many of you have organized speech contests, planned weekly meetings, or training workshops for groups of volunteers?
  • Helping others with their goals.  The root of this would be listening skills, but also friendship…

The list goes on, volunteering is what you make of it, just like being a leader is what you make of it…

So…what have you gotten out of your volunteer efforts?  Contact your local Toastmasters (or other preferred non-profit) for opportunities in your area!



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