Table topics: If you were a wizard…

I just got back from a whirl wind tour of Grand Junction last week, visiting three Toastmasters Club meetings: Grand Junction Sayre’s, Wild Mustangs (pre-charter), and Summit Toastmasters.  I also had the pleasure of visiting with some of the Talk of the Town Toastmasters at a Pampered Chef get together.  All of this was accomplished last Monday and Tuesday.

After two days of traveling to get to my own Summit Toastmasters, I was coming up to my third round of Table Topics.  As you can see, I had had a lot of practice already.

Alan Swarz asked me:

If you were a wizard, what spell would you cast and who would you cast it on?

Forestglow by Alixendriss Inanna

Forestglow by Alixendriss Inanna

As many of you know, Table Topics is a means of practicing extemporaneous speaking.  I had mere moments to collect my thoughts, and then speak on this topic for one to two minutes.

Here were my thoughts:

If I were a wizard or a witch (female), I would cast a spell on businesses and developers to encourage business development opportunities.  This would create more jobs allowing people to be hired.  These people would need supplies so other business would be hired.  The people with these jobs would spend money in their communities creating more local wealth.  Everybody would win.

These ~1 minute:20 second thought garnered me the Best Table Topics speaker for the evening.

So, my question to you…

If you were a wizard, what spell would you cast and who would you cast it on?


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