Meeting Minutes – November 1, 2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

A great meeting opened by President Alice Miller at Frisco Town Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Toastmaster was Pat Moore with the theme of Snow.

Image courtesy of Mountain Valley Ventures, Inc.

  • Alan Swartz gave a speech on his summary of his High Performance Leadership Project, the Teller Park Weed Management Action Plan.  It involved a guidance committee of the Park County weed Advisory Committee,  learning the six dimensions of service leadership( vision and values, direction, persuasion, support, development, and appreciation).   A vision, mission, core values, action strategy, key result areas, and a timetable and action plan were part of the project.
  • Yvonne Bryant spoke on a Wrinkle in Time about the importance of practice, arriving early, saying you don’t know when you don’t have an answer to an audience question, and other tips to be successful as a professional presenter.  It was a great speech and earned her a Best Speaker Award.

Alan was evaluated by Alice and Yvonne was evaluated by Lance Miller.  Both evaluations had great suggestions for the speakers for improvement and Lance was named Best Evaluator.

For Table Topics, Travis Usinger was the master.

  • Alice Miller spoke on What is Your Favorite Season and Why?
  • Pat Moore spoke on What would be your ideal second home?
  • Lance Miller spoke on What practices do you have to take care of yourself?
  • Yvonne Bryant spoke on Is there any seasonal transitions you have trouble with and how do you prepare for them?
  • Alan Swartz and Travis Usinger spoke on What is your time of greatest joy?
  • Alan also spoke on What food are you allergic to or have an aversion to?

Alan was named Best Table Topics Speaker.

Lance was timer, Travis was grammarian, and Alice was General Evaluator.  Our word of the day was tenacious.

Reminder our Christmas Party is December 6th.


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