How Good Leaders Do Not Equal Great Results

Are you satisfied being a good leader?  Or, do you want to be a great leader?

Leadership effects:

  • profitability,
  • customer satisfaction,
  • employee engagement
  • employee commitment
  • and employee turnover.

Here is an interesting commentary on Leadership by Joe Folkman of Zenger | Folkman.  3:29 minutes  The video is a little bit of a promotion for one of the Zenger | Folkman books, but they do provide valuable insights in their free webinars and blogs.

Click on the photo to go to the video.

Joe Folkman on How Good Leaders Do Not Equal Great Results

Joe Folkman on How Good Leaders Do Not Equal Great Results (click for video)

Many people do not realize that Toastmasters has a Leadership tract (The Competent Leadership) for us to learn the skills we need to be successful in other areas of our lives such as business, families, and philanthropic work.  Each of the ten projects in the Competent Leadership manual focuses on a different leadership skill, providing background information and an assignment that requires your serving in one or more specified meeting or club roles in which you can practice aspects of that skill.

  • Listening and Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Giving Feedback
  • Time Management
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Organizing and Delegating
  • Developing your facilitation skills
  • Motivating People
  • Mentoring
  • Team Building

Leadership is a learned a skill and we learn it through practice and feedback.

Remember, great leaders make a great difference.  Don’t you want to go from good to great in your organization?


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