Meeting Minutes – 09/06/2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

A great meeting.  Presiding officer was Alice Miller at the Frisco Town Hall.   Guests were Suri and Edda Seghal, Lawrence Walsh and Nadina Girard.  Lawrence and Nadina were from Montreal Toastmasters.

Toastmaster for the evening using a Brown Bag meeting format was Lance Miller using the theme: Into the Fire!

Heart on Fire

Speakers were Alice Miller on Finding Your Voice, evaluated by Yvonne Bryant.  She used the example of our International Director who left service as a nun to find her voice.

Suri Seghal spoke on rural development in India as foundation attempts to help people value the land and improve their water sources and quality.  They are up to 200 villages this year and hope to double that next year.  They have completed research to determine how empowerment of the people will lead to maintaining the systems they develop and how they can develop low cost items for the people to improve their life.  Suri was evaluated by Lawerence Walsh.

Alan Swartz was Table Topics Master.  Speakers were Nadina on Life is Full of Setbacks, Lawerence on Breathe Deeply and Doug Mendel on Practice Yoga so you can remain active in physical activities later in life.

Lawrence was best Table Topics Speaker, Alice was Best Speaker, and Lawrence was named Best Evaluator.  Timer was Nadina, Grammarian was Yvonne Bryant.

It was fantastic to have guests from other Toastmaster Clubs.


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