2011 International Speech Contest Semifinalists

Congratulations to all International Speech Contest district winners! Our Representative Rich Hopkins represented District 26 in the Semifinal Speech Contest 4 below.

The 2011 International Speech Contest district winners competed in the International Speech Contest Semifinals on Thursday, August 18, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Toastmasters International Convention. The winner of each semifinal contest is bolded. These winners will advance to the World Championship of Public Speaking Saturday, August 20.

Congratulations go out to Kwong Yue Yang of China.

To see the other Semifinal contest results, follow this link.

Semifinal Speech Contest 4

District 1 Ali El krim Carson, California United States
District 3 Michael Desiderio Gilbert, Arizona United States
District 13 Jeff Esper Canonsburg, Pennsylvania United States
District 24 John P. Coffey Lincoln, Nebraska United States
District 26 Rich Hopkins Broomfield, Colorado United States
District 50 Nels Dumin Dallas, Texas United States
District 51 Muthukumaran Kodiappen Georgetown, Pennang Malaysia
District 55 Scotty Burch Austin, Texas United States
District 85 Kwong Yue Yang Guangzhou, Guangdong China 

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