Change is in the Air

This week is a big week for Toastmasters International because Change is in the Air!

The Toastmasters International Convention 2011 is taking place August 17-20 in LasVegas, Nevada.

Not only will the World Champion of Public Speaking be announced, but the new branding materials will be announced and released world wide on August 17!

What does this mean for the community?  A better defined message on the benefits Toastmasters can provide in the different areas of your life.  (I’ll be more specific after the launch on Wednesday!)

What does this mean for the clubs?  It means a new logo, new colors, new materials templates, etc…

You’ll see changes to the Summit Toastmasters blog after the August 17th announcement as we re-align our brand with Toastmasters International materials.

Have I seen the new materials?  Oh yes, and boy is it exciting!  Can I give a sneak peek…Sorry to say no.  But check back later this week as we retire our Banner image (a photograph of our club banner) as it changes to the new banner designed for the wordpress themes.  We’ll find a new place to showcase our banner and our clubs history!

What else will be changing?  Our Summit Toastmasters website!  New templates are being released this Wednesday…And no, I have not seen the new freetoasthost templates yet.

Change is in the Air…and change always signifies a growth opportunity!  Come out and grow with us!


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