Meeting Minutes – 08/02/2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by President Alice Miller as she welcomed the guests for the evening: Norm and Sharon Frickey, Tom Hobbs, Rich Hopkins, and Doug Mendenhall. Everybody introduced themselves with the greatest birthday gift that they remembered.


Toastmaster of the evening Alice Miller then introduced Rich Hopkins, International Speech Contestant from District 26 who gave his speech “Moments” about going down dead man’s hill on a bicycle and losing his candy; how his 15 year old daughter Bailey has a tumor which hasn’t responded to chemotherapy. When asked if she had questions after the bad news, she said, “Can we stop and get an Icee on the way home?” He asked us what moments are we going to hang on to? What hills are we climbing?

A round robin evaluation was done so that everybody could offer feedback.  Rich used the opportunity to ask questions on areas he was tweaking or needed feedback on audience responses.

Table Topics Master, Alan Swartz led table topics with crazy book titles that each individual had written and tried to sell to the audience. Hilarity ensued as members tried to sell their books to the audience.  Speakers were:

  • Amy Nakos on Whining and Crying Your Way to Success;
  • Pat Moore on How to Avoid Huge Ships;
  • Jim Shaw on Bombproof Your Horse;
  • Yvonne Bryant on Success Through Emotional Breakdowns;
  • Tom Hobbs on Better Never To Have Been;
  • Sharon Frickey on Reusing Old Graves;
  • Judi LaPoint on People Who Don’t Know They Are Dead; and
  • Norm Frickey on A Beginner’s Guide to Sex in the Afterlife.

Jim Shaw was named best table topics speaker.

Word of the Day: Namaste.



  • August 2 – Doug Mendenhall submitted his application to Summit Toastmasters!
  • August 6 – Toastmasters Leadership Training training in Colorado Springs is this Saturday. Pat and Alan plan to attend.
  • August 18 – Blue River Water Shed is having a fundraiser at the Tiki Bar. Come out and see Toastmaster Jim Shaw in action as his band entertains the crowd.

The club all wished Rich Hopkins luck at the International Conference in Las Vegas.

Meeting adjourned.


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