Meeting Minutes – 07/19/2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

Summit Toastmasters, July 19, 2011

The Meeting was called to order by President Alice Miller at 6: 30 p.m. in the Frisco Town Hall.

Toastmaster was Alan Swartz.

Speakers were:

  • Alice Miller on 127 Minutes Give or Take about her injury while telemark sking on top of Hoosier Pass and how her and Lance figured out how to get down without assistance. She was evaluated by Mike Clement.
  • Alan Swartz gave a short presentation on Parliamentary Procedure from the Success Communication Series. He detailed motions, amendments, referring to a committee or laying a motion on the table and the importance of knowing a few of these details with a handout.

Lance Miller led table topics with questions on the Big Straw water project and the philosophy of moving water from the west slope to the east slope where most of Colorado’s population lives.

Lake Dillon, Summit County Colorado

Lake Dillon, Summit County Colorado

Table Topic speakers were:

  • Pat Moore on the right of the Denver Water Board to sell effluent to municipalities;
  • Scott Sessions on the use of conservation of water;
  • Alan on the sale of effluent water;
  • Alice Miller on holding on to water under contract in dry years(is it right);
  • Mike Clement on pollutants in water such as ibuprofen and caffeine;
  • Yvonne Bryant on altering the water cycle of nature and;
  • Kelly on her favorite food(seafood). Kelly was a guest.

Best speaker was Alice, Best evaluator was Mike and best table topics was a tie between Yvonne, Scott, and Alice.

Timer was Pat Moore, Grammarian was Scott Sessions, and General Evaluator was Yvonne Bryant.

What a great meeting!



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