Meeting Minutes – 07/05/2011

by Alan Swartz, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by President Alice Miller. The Mission Statement was read by Mike Clement.

Speakers were Yvonne Bryant with a visual aids presentation of a proposal to renovate a housing unit with new architectural designs and materials to upgrade the buildings. Alan Swartz spoke on Were You There about pain and the need to confront it as part of life.

Yvonne was evaluated by Jim Shaw, Jim’s suggestion was more volume (projection).  Alan was evaluated by Lance Miller, Lance’s suggestion was to shorten the number of examples to help emphasize the closing of the message.

Table topics were led by Mike Clement.

  • Jim Shaw was asked Are you for the Players or the Owners in the NFL labor dispute?
  • Lance Miller was asked Why did performance enhancing drugs take the center stage in athletics?
  • Alan was asked How does Jeter deal with the decline of athletic skills in his life?
  • Courtney Hampton, a guest, was asked Why do people pay less attention to women’s sports?

Courtney was named best Table Topics speaker; Jim was named best evaluator and Alan was named best speaker.

Alice Miller did a great job of being Toastmaster and describing the duties to our guest Courtney. Courtney joined our club as a new member . It’s great to have Courtney in our club.

Our next meeting is July 19th. Officer training at Denver Toastmasters Leadership Institute is July 16th. We need 4 officers trained for our Distinguished Club Program.



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