Table Topics: The Week

This Table Topics was brought to us by Mike Clement.

Mike started receiving The Week Magazine as a gift about a year back.  As he explained to our group, the magazine covers two sides of various topics in the news each week.  The magazine also has a Contest each week where they ask the readers to respond to a question.  Mike went to their website and pulled several contest questions and used these during our Table Topics session.

Here’s the link:

Example questions/contests listed on site:

  • June 24: Trademark – Sarah Palin has trademarked her name, so that only she can profit from her fame. If a politician could trademark one sentence that other politicians would have to pay royalties to use, what would it be?
  • June 17: Teen Religion – A North Carolina teen has won a legal battle to wear a nose stud to school by arguing she is a member of the “Church of Body Modification.” Come up with another new religion teens might use to excuse their behavior

They definitely make for a fun and challenging session!


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