Meeting Minutes – 06/07/2011

by Alan Swartz

Meeting held at Frisco Town Hall.

Toastmaster was Alan Swartz. Speakers Yvonne Bryant on “Find Your Voice” about International Director who started out as nun but found her voice in Toastmasters 20 years later. Judi LaPoint spoke on “It’s Contagious” about how our attitudes affect us and a checkup from the neckup. Judi was named best speaker.

Alan was Table Topics Master. Alice Miller spoke on Fund raising solicitation for the Needy Nudist Network; Jim Shaw on preparing for role on Faking It radio show as Haitian voodoo witch doctor; Yvonne Bryant on convincing passengers on airplane you want the only parachute; Pat Moore on other species that might rule the world(elephants); and Judi LaPoint on cats ruling the world. Alice was named best table topics speaker.

Pat evaluated Yvonne and Jim evaluated Judi. They were tied for Best Evaluator.

Officer elections were held: Alice Miller President: Yvonne Bryant VP Education; Pat Moore VP Membership; Amy Nakos, VP Public Relations; Alan Swartz Secretary; Jim Shaw Treasurer. Installation will be held next meeting.

Meeting adjourned.


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