Toastmasters D26 Spring Conference

The Toastmasters D26 Spring Conference was held this past weekend in Loveland.  Karma was in the air as all of the speakers had words of wisdom applicable to our everyday home and work lives.

The weekend started out with Dana LaMon, DTM presenting his Keynote speech “Take a Chance: It’s the Way You Grow.”

Dianne Sundet & Dana LaMon - photo by Tom Hobbs

Mr. LaMon told several personal stories of his taking a chance.  For the entrepreneurs out there, it was a great example of being open to opportunities when they present themselves.  An example of this was when Mr. LaMon began his speaking career, a gentleman came up to him and asked if he had his materials published as he did better with written materials.  Mr. LaMon did not have materials, but he researched how to get published.  Despite setbacks through traditional publishing channels, he started his own publishing company and three years published his first book.

Saturday morning then began with the inspiring journey of Toastmasters Region 1 International Director Emmy Hager, DTM.  Ms. Hager described her journey of life in a monastery in which the nuns took vows of silence.  As Ms. Hager described, Toastmasters was the antithesis of life in a monastery!  After leaving the monastery, Ms. Hager got a job with a car rental agency.  Her boss quickly recognized her customer service skills and wanted her to train employees in multiple offices.  They sent her to a training session in which the presenter asked how many people were Toasmasters.  He then told everybody that Toastmasters was the best training for learning to present.  Through Toastmasters, Ms. Hager described her journey of finding her voice again and being able to lead when the need called.  Did I mention that Ms. Hager is an introvert like many of us?

The weekend proceeded with training sessions, the Table Topics Speech Contest, and the International Speech Contest.

Rod Smith, former Broncos wide receiver, received the Toastmasters District 26 Communication and Leadership Award for his charitable contributions and community leadership.  Mr. Smith gave a keynote during lunch on Saturday.

Table Topics Contestants:

  • Rich Hopkins (Second Place)
  • Datta Groover (Third Place)
  • Michael Pearson
  • Caleb Wilkins (First Place)
  • Belinda Coleyturnipseed
  • Tyler Hart

Table Topics Contestants - photo by Tom Hobbs

International Speech Contestants:

  • Stephen Doherty (Third Place)
  • Chuck Maher
  • Joan Janis
  • Paula Cowen (Second Place)
  • Thomas Judson
  • Rich Hopkins (First Place)

International Speech Contestants - photo by Tom Hobbs

Conference isn’t all fun and games.  All of the Presidents and Vice President of Education met with the District Officers to vote in the 2011-2012 officers, approve the budget audit report, and vote on the redistricting measures.  Summit Toastmasters is in the Foothills Division which had significant changes this upcoming year.  After MUCH discussion, a voice vote, a call for a ballot vote, and a call for a judgement on the vote, we amended and approved the redistricting for this upcoming year.

We were also treated to meeting the three candidates for F1 International Director which will be voted on at the upcoming Toastmasters International Conference this August in Las Vegas.  Running includes:

  • John Barnes
  • Randy Penn
  • James Sultan

Overall, it was great weekend!  Good luck to Rich Hopkins as he represents District 26 at the International Speech Contest in Vegas!


4 responses to “Toastmasters D26 Spring Conference

  1. Carol A. Harris

    The article is exceptionally well written and layout is good. With your persmission we would like to publish it in the June issue of the District 26 Dialogue.

    FYI: If you care to correct the spellings on your web site they are: Belinda Corleyturnipseed, Datta Groover, and Caleb Wilkins.

    Carol A. Harris
    District 26 secretary 2010-2011
    PRO 2011-2012
    D26 branding coordinator

    • Thank you for the spellings Carol! I’ve updated them in the post and tags.

      It would be my pleasure if you would like to use the posting in the June Issue. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

  2. Tom Hobbs, The Man in the Hat

    This is an excellent review for the conference.

    Will you do more for other district events?

    The Man in the Hat

    • Would be my pleasure to review the ones that I attend. I thought it would be a nice way to show everybody some of what went on (maybe a little of what they missed)! 😉 You get a lot attending these events and meeting people from other areas, states, and countries.

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