Meeting Minutes – 04/19/2011

by Judi LaPoint

In attendance:

  • Alan Swartz
  • Lance Miller
  • Alice Miller
  • Jim Shaw
  • Judi LaPoint
  • Yvonne Bryant
  • Mike Clement

"Inner Dialogue" by Lydia Burris

Alan acted as Toastmaster for our intimate group! His theme was “The Chatter Inside Your Head.” It was a theme I think we can all relate too – especially as Toastmasters – Am I saying too many ums? What will they think about this speech? Will it be too long? Will it be good enough?

Apples vs. Twinkies

Apples vs. Twinkies

The first speaker was Alice doing her Get To The Point Speech. Alice’s topic was “Apple vs. Twinkie”. She related how mostly she tries to eat healthy, but sometimes, the Devil temps her to eat unhealthy. She compared the ingredients (27 of them) in the Twinkie to the ingredients in an apple. It was an excellent speech!

The second speech was by Yvonne entitled “Your AIA” about the journey she went through to get her licensure and designation of AIA – having to do with being a licensed architect and a member of the American Institute of Architecture. Unfortunately, Yvonne exceeded the time limit.

Mike did table topics which were very fun – because we had such a small group, everyone got to participate! He had a lot of tough questions that required the participants to really think on their feet. Alan’s name for a new dating website was in case you were interested in dating a psycho. OK – you had to be there.


  • Judi evaluated Alice
  • Jim evaluated Yvonne
  • Grammarian Mike
  • General Evaluator Yvonne

Best of –

  • Alice won by default but that is to take nothing away from her awesome speech!
  • Winner of table topics was Yvonne (and Judi with an “I”)
  • Best Evaluator Jim

Announcements – Next meeting will NOT be at Town hall – TBD!


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