D26 Foothills Division International & Table Topic Contest Results!

You asked and I delivered!

Attending the speech contests is an inspiring event.  Special thanks go out to the following speakers and all of their hard work!  (I apologize for missing the club names, I was a vote counter and was out of the room for a portion of the speaker interviews…)

Table Topics Speakers

  • Chris Anderson
  • Amelia Autrey
  • Rich Hopkins
  • Karl Nicoletti
  • Kathy Puseman
  • Larry Van Horn

International Speakers

  • Jonathan Fleck
  • Rich Hopkins
  • Amy Nakos
  • Karl Nicoletti
  • Jeff Priestly
  • David Thyfault

Who won you ask?

Table Topics Speakers

  • Amelia Autrey (1st)
  • Rich Hopkins (2nd)
  • Kathy Puseman (3rd)

International Speakers

  • Amy Nakos (1st)
  • Rich Hopkins (2nd)
  • Jonathan Fleck (3rd)

5 responses to “D26 Foothills Division International & Table Topic Contest Results!

  1. Amy did such a spectacular job with her international speech – way to go, Amy.

    And thanks for all the detail in this blog.


    • All of the speakers did a wonderful job! You have to respect the difficult job the judges have…

      My pleasure on the details! Like you, I am learning as much as I can to make the blog interesting and fun for folks! Pictures are always fun!

      I just wish I could have gotten pictures of the Table Topics Contestants. I don’t like to take pictures while everybody is speaking; I don’t want to distract them.

      See you in a few weeks!

  2. Beverly Kiselich

    Good afternoon,

    I work at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Since the district meeting here in February, I have been trying to find someone that left a real nice easel in Columbine Hall with signage indicating registration…

    If you can help me find to whom this belongs, I will gladly hold it for pick up.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Beverly Kiselich
    719-255-4065 (w)

    • Good morning Beverly,

      Thank you for hunting us down! I’ll forward your message on to the person who may know who owns the easel. Thank you gain!

      Best regards,

  3. Way to go Amy! On to the District competition… You know how to WOW `em!

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