Meeting Minutes – 2/1/2011

by Judi Lapoint

In attendance:

  • Jim Shaw
  • Alan Swartz
  • Yvonne Bryant
  • Pat Moore
  • Butch Elich — guest
  • Lance Miller
  • Alice Miller
  • Alisa diMartino
  • Mike Clement
  • Judi LaPoint
  • Veronica Lozano
  • Travis Usinger
  • Peter Harrigon — guest

Yvonne Bryant called the meeting to order 6:40

Announcements were made about the upcoming contest – Area Contest is now late March, so our contest will be the evening of March 15, 2011. Mike is the Contest Coordinator. Officer training continues – our club has had five of seven officers trained with three make up meetings left.

Our two newest members to our club were inducted: Travis Usinger – Motion to accept by Amy seconded by Alan — accepted unanimously. Veronica Lozano – motion to accept by Pat second by Amy – accepted unanimously.


Mike was Toastmaster with a Flexible Theme!

  • First speaker was Travis to be evaluated by Alice. This was an amazing icebreaker speech about following your passion!
  • Second Icebreaker speech was by Lance evaluated by Travis. Lance gave a rousing account of racing a bear on his mountain bike.
  • In Alicia’s fourth speech, evaluated by Jim, she used extraordinarily descriptive words to tell the story of a very special doll and lessons families can learn.
  • Judi, who was evaluated by Alan, gave her sixth speech using body language to help tell the story of chasing Real Rabbits.

Table Topics:

Amy provided the format for table topics – using the date from pennies to establish a timeframe, and a word from a deck of cards to provide the topic, each participant needed to relate a story, using the word, in the timeframe of the selected penny!

Veronica, Butch and Peter participated with the Table Topics.


The overall winners for the evening were: Butch for Table Topics, Jim for Evaluator, and Judi for Speaker

Pat overall evaluator.

Even though we started a bit late, we concluded the official meeting at 7:50!


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