Meeting Minutes – 1/18/2011

by Yvonne Bryant


  • Laal Seidu (guest)
  • Alan Swartz
  • Pat Moore
  • Mike Clement
  • Amy Nakos
  • Gale Garness
  • Veronica Lozano (guest)
  • Alice Miller
  • Yvonne Bryant


opened at 6:35 by Yvonne, pledge of allegience by Mike, introduction of guests and members

Toastmaster Pat introduced the roles and the meeting  theme: SNOW

If you are feeling snowed-under let Toastmasters help you to listen to your:

Spirit to follow life’s purpose and to develop the

Nut and bolts of our leadership skills that you may be

On going in your growth and goals that will lead you to a

Win win situation in life!

Word of the Day: symbiotic


  • Amy – “The Strategy of Quitting – When to Make Big Changes to Live Your Life’s Purpose.”
  • Alan -“The Courage of Leadership”

Table topics:

by Alice Miller

Review goals achieved in the last year, personal or toastmaster and describe what you wish to attain in 2011.  Goals should be SMART:





Time bound

  • Alice – wants to achieve her Competent Communicator by January 2012
  • Yvonne – wants to improve vocal variety, but also wants to help members attain their personal goals by providing opportunities
  • Mike – how to use the timer, stay involved in tm, help his wife transition to living in summit county
  • Laal – math & science was important growing up, coming to Toastmaster was an opportunity, trying to work on expanding on thoughts, can talk in any situation, extrovert even though appears an introvert
  • Gale – started on babes on bumps last january until an accident in February delayed goals, volunteered to drive a friend to south dakota, discovered that needed to flexible with goals when brother was diagnosed with stage four melanoma


  • Yvonne evaluating Amy
  • Mike evaluating Alan

Laal – grammarian report (great first time job)

Gale – general evaluator

Pat – followup on the theme (postscript):

So the next time you feel snowed-under, let Toastmasters give you a SNOW job!

Ribbon presentation by Pat:

  • Best Speaker – Amy
  • Table topics – Laal & Mike
  • Best evaluator – Mike & Yvonne

Guest Comments –

  • Veronica – enjoyed the experience of Alan & Amy speeches, liked the ribbons, excited about the skills demonstrated
  • Laal – appreciated the continuity that he has noticed throughout all of the meetings

New member applications received:

  • Laal & Veronica

Meeting closed at 7:56, followup socialize with members & guests.


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