Meeting Minutes – 1/4/2011

by Judi LaPoint

In attendance:

  • Lance Miller
  • Alice Miller
  • Pat Moore
  • Travis Usinger – Guest
  • Amy Nakos
  • Mike Clement
  • Yvonne Bryant
  • Paul Swartz
  • Tate Santee – Guest


6:35 – Yvonne called the meeting to order

Our newest members – Lance Miller and Alice Miller were inducted to meeting by unanimous vote – luckily, since Lance was the Toast master and Alice was giving her Ice Breaker speech.

As Toastmaster, Lance had set the theme as Soaring Eagles. He brought so much energy to the position and really kept things on track!

  • Yvonne 6th speech on giving good speeches and being good leaders (Become the Speaker & Leader you want to Be)- evaluated by Judi
  • Alice – alien ice breaker excellent — (Aliens) evaluated by Amy

Both speeches were excellent – Alice’s Icebreaker gave us a good feel for where she grew up – Australia, and what it was like to move here.

Table topics was presented by Mike with very imaginative choice for good topics. Everybody was asked to write a secret down on pieces of paper.  These were then collected and then randomly handed to Table Topic participants who then had to guess whose secret it was and why they thought this.  People participating were:

  • Amy (who went to a concert in Australia)
  • Alan (who hit two Audi’s within the same week)
  • Tate (who sibling kicked the other sibling out of the bed and made them sleep on the floor)
  • Travis (who fed the baby bunnies to the cats)
  • Judi (?)


  • Grammarian Mike
  • Overall evaluator Alan

Timer vote counter. Pat

  • Judi won best table topics and evaluator
  • Best speaker was won by Alice

Alan Swartz was elected as the new VP of Education to finish out the vacant term.

Thanks to all for participating – again, I will be unable to attend on the 18th! But will be back for the meeting on the 1st!


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