The Builder

inspired by Albert Mensah as revised by Yvonne Bryant

In Summit County, there is a homebuilder who does all of the luxury homes in the area.  If you were building a 3000 square foot home with all of the bells and whistles, Alan was your man.  His best superintendent, Pat, had been with him for 30 years carefully building each home from the ground up.

One day Pat goes to Alan and says:

Pat: Alan, I’m ready to retire.

Alan: Pat, you can’t retire.  I have one more home that needs to be built.

Pat: No, I’m ready to retire now.

Alan: Pat, you’re our best.  I need you to do this one last home.  Do the foundation, and I’ll let you retire.

So Pat agrees to do the foundation for this last home.  While she is building the foundation though, she decides that she will show Alan.  She will build the foundation and the rest of the house as quickly as possible.

So Pat finishes the home ahead of schedule and under budget.  She then went to Alan and says:

Pat: Hey Boss, I’m finished!  Can I retire now.

Alan: Just a moment, lets do a walk through and then you can retire.  I need you to tell me where you got everything in case the new owner has any changes or warranty items.

Both Alan and Pat go to the home.  From the outside, everything looks perfect, just like a million dollar home.  Pat is getting worried as they come to the front door though because she had cut some corners on the inside using inexpensive fixtures and cheep construction techniques.

As Alan reaches the front door, he reaches to open the door and finds that it is locked.  He turns to Pat and asks for the key to the house.  When Pat reaches to hand Alan the key, he states:

Pat, you have been a valued employee these past 30 years.  Keep the key, we had this home built for you in appreciation for all of your hard work.


Always do your best because you never know who’s house you are building.


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