Stories in our Speeches

In Toastmasters, we learn the importance of using stories in our speeches. Stories allow us to connect with our audience to pass on shared visions, to demonstrate shared values, or even to engender working together.  In The Leadership Challenge, 4th edition by Kouzes and Posner, Steve Denning of World Bank notes:

Nothing else worked.  Charts left listeners bemused.  Prose remained unread.  Dialogue was just too laborious and slow.  Time after time, when faced with the task of persuading a group of managers or frontline staff in a large organization to get enthusiastic about a major change, I found that storytelling was the only thing that work. – Pg. 90

Now some of you may be thinking, “Yvonne, my stories aren’t that interesting” or “Yvonne, I don’t have any stories.”

What I have learned is that we all have stories, we just may not have learned how to present or recognize them.  Together, we can work on this skill so please share your stories.


  1. The Builder inspired by Albert Mensah as revised by Yvonne Bryant

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