District 26 Fall 2010 Humorous Speech Winner…

On Saturday, November 13, the District 26 Fall Humorous Speech Contest was held at the Embassy Suites at Havanna and I-70 in Denver.

The anticipation was high as all of the clubs got out of the District Business Meeting around 5:00.  The contestants were briefed and order of speaking was selected as Toastmaster Gina Curley opened the contest.

Speakers included Mary Schmiechen (Confessions of the Grammarholic), Tyler Withrow (Anthropomorphism), Sherman Wiseman (The Business Trip), Datta Groover (My Awkward Years), Pamela Hertzog (Fun Family Memories), and Judi LaPoint (I Feel Badly About My Neck).

We  were all trying our best to determine who the judges would pick out of these accomplished speakers.

  1. Would it be Mary with her snazzy powerpoint and fun use of words, including a monologue showing the deficiencies of spell check?
  2. Maybe it would be Tyler and his plea to stop attributing human attributes to objects and animals.  He’s pretty sure the instance of humans being eaten by tigers has gone up since Tony the Tiger became the spokesperson for Corn Flakes because they’re Greeaatt!
  3. Or was it Sherman describing a business trip in which Liz had him power-walking all over town with vocals and acting throughout his speech?
  4. Could it be Data as he described the agonies of going through highschool, going to the all girls home economics class by mistake (with his zipper down), or maybe his first date in which misses the hint to sit in the back seat?
  5. Perhaps Pamela as she relives that fateful family vacation to Disney World where she ends with the spoonerism “You Slied to me!”
  6. Or was it Judi with her story regarding the effects of aging with regards to our necks and how we deal with it through compensatory dressing?

After some intense moments while the Judges deliberated, the results were in…

First Place – Judi LaPoint

Second Place – Tyler Withrow

Third Place – Pamela Herzog

With further anticipation, the speeches will hopefully be posted by District 26 for your listening pleasure!  (I saw a videographer…)  As Tyler the Tiger said…

They’re Greeaatt!


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