Meeting Minutes – 11/2/2010

by: Judi LaPoint, Secretary



  • Yvonne Bryant,
  • Alan Swartz
  • Pat Moore
  • Judi LaPoint
  • Lynn Bojinoff
  • Alisa DiMartino
  • Charles McCloud
  • Tonia Williams


  • Robin McCloud
  • Scott Sessions
  • Tracy sessions


Toastmaster – Yvonne Bryant.

Theme – names – what they mean to us!

Charles and Tonia were unanimously inducted as new members.


Charles – evaluated by Alan

Gave a moving Ice Breaker speech about overcoming the dire prediction of a less-than-supportive step father! Very moving

Judi — evaluated by Pat

Judi re-gave the speech she is working on for the district humorous speaking contest.

Table topics

Lynn – as editor of Outrageous People and Events Magazine asked each of her “department heads” to give a read out on what was new in their department.

  1. Alan – as head of Current Events – gave a readout of the Sex Change Capital in Trinidad being move out of state.
  2. Yvonne – as head of the Heath division – gave a readout on how peeing into a cup could provide you with a wealth of knowledge – whether you wanted it or not.
  3. Charles — as head of Health and Beauty noted the ill effects of wrapping ones self in plastic wrap – even if it helps to hide one’s aging neck.
  4. Scott – as editor of All that is Hollywood reported on Rambo X and his interviews with Sylvestor Stallon and Mel Tormey (Yes. Really!)


  • Alan for Charles–Excellent evaluation
  • Pat for Judi – Very good evaluation but over time limit


  • Best Evaluator. Alan
  • Best Speaker: Judi
  • Best Table topics. Alan


  • Tonia – Grammarian – well done
  • Alisa– Timer and vote counter
  • Alan – Overall evaluator

Meeting was adjourned on time at 8:00

Excellent Meeting!


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