Meeting Minutes – 10/5/2010

by: Judi LaPoint, Secretary



  • Yvonne Bryant
  • Amy Nakos
  • Alan Swartz
  • Mike Clement
  • Pat Moore
  • Judi LaPoint
  • Jim Shaw


  • Charles McLeod
  • Alisa DiMartino
  • Scott Sessions
  • Tracy sessions


Toastmaster – Amy Nakos. Theme — dog adoption. “Belonging is a state of mind and of being appreciated”


Yvonne evaluated by Mike

5th speech Your body speaks. Entitled “Life’s a Dance!” Was an excellent speech reminding us to assess the “dance of our lives” to make sure it’s what we want it to be!

Alan evaluated by Scott

This was actually Alan’s fourth time through the 1st speech in the Competent Communicator and it was the Ice Breaker entitled “What will they Say?” Amazing speech by Alan at his own eulogy given “someone else”, as he watched and commented on the proceedings!

Table topics

Pat took us down memory lane with musical clips and asked each participant questions relative to the music. Great job of preparation and well, thought out questions!

  • Mikes answer to inch by inch he thought it was elevator music and talked about the ups and downs of his life.
  • Judi listened to “leaving on a jet plane.” She was asked, Knowing you have a lot to do would you go on vacation or delay the trip to finish the todo list. She chose to leave!
  • Charles (guest) was asked how he would you describe his morning with the kids getting them ready for school while his wife was on vacation.
  • Scott (guest) was asked to describe his love life according to the music Little Brown Jug.
  • Alisa (guest) how would you develop a relationship with a new puppy.
  • Jim was asked how it felt when he first started playing bass – who knew?.


  • Mike for Yvonne –Excellent evaluation
  • Scott for Alan – Very good point by point evaluation but over time limit


  • Best Evaluator. Mike
  • Best Speaker: Alan
  • Best Table topics. Charles


  • Tracy – Grammarian – excellently done, as always
  • Jim — Timer and vote counter
  • Judi – Overall evaluator

Meeting was adjourned on time at 8:00


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