Summary of Summit Toastmasters Meeting February 16, 2010

Another great meeting with lots of participation. We had a visit by our area governor Brian Lewis, area F-2. We have more new members as Mike Green and Yvonne Bryant have joined to bring us to 15 members. President Ryan Hawkins called the meeting to order. Alan Swartz was the Toastmaster and shared some of Toastmasters history. Our first club met in 1924 led by Ralph Smedley, a YMCA employee who started Toastmasters to improve speaking skills for young businessmen.

For speakers we had David Maloley who spoke on “Cavity Creeps”, his 2nd speech. One interesting part was that he likes to get kids into the office before they have cavities in order to reduce the fear of being in the dentist office. He was evaluated by Fred Fife. Yvonne Bryant gave her icebreaker “Quincunx” which means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. She described activities that broke her out of a perfectionist mode, including motorcycles and mountain bikes. What a creative speech for an icebreaker. She was evaluated by Mike Clement.
The level of table topics continues to go up. Kevin Flewell brought letters to Dear Abbie which we used to try to respond. Pat Moore spoke on a woman moving to another state with her husband and afraid of being alone after her husband died in new territory. Fred Fife spoke about a woman called old lady by a fellow worker. Mike Clement spoke on my wife is addicted to the cell phone. Amy Nakos spoke on grieving from the loss of a son and how to handle it in conversation. Mike Green, a guest, talked about moving in with a girl friend. Macabre was the word of the day.
Brian Lewis discussed the Area F-2 contest on 27 at 10:00 a.m. in Lakewood for the International Speech and Table Topics as well as our Distinguished Club Plan.
Timer was Jim Shaw, Ah sessor/grammarian was Ryan Hawkins, and General Evaluator was Amy Nakos.
Best speaker was Yvonne, Best table topics was Mike Green, and best evaluator was Mike Clement.

Footnote: Amy, Ryan and Alan did an hour radio talk show and TV show in Edwards on Feb 17th. It went well with lots of questions on gestures, stories, pauses, speech construction, as well as the supportive atmosphere of Toastmasters. It should be broadcast on Vail cable.


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