Summit Toastmasters, Tuesday January 19, 2010 Meeting

Meeting opened by President Ryan Hawkins at Frisco Town Hall. Toastmaster was Amy Nakos who did a fantastic job for her first time. Speakers were Kevin Flewell on Membership Has Its Privileges about the clan that is known as his family, and the various clans he is a member of, including American Express. It was a very funny speech. He was evaluated by Fred Fife. Ryan Hawkins spoke on Cheers to You Mr Noble about the Solaris building in Vail. He was evaluated by Kevin Flewell. Alan Swartz spoke on Insiders Look at Toastmasters, the district organization and the importance of great meetings. He was evaluated by Ryan Hawkins. For Table Topics, Jim Shaw stepped in. Fred spoke on what a bill to manage medical marijuana should contain; Mike Clement on global warming and what risk should we take; Amy Nakos on back pack or stroller( a stroller can serve as a mini-van); Kevin on why is Avatar so successful; Alan on how to pay for road improvement in Colorado; Ryan on who is going to the Super Bowl; Bryan Baki on water is most important; Paula Ramey Stjernholm on snowboard or ski for children, and Yvonne Bryant on water use on the eastern slope. Amy was named best table topics, Kevin best speaker, and Fred best evaluator. Timer was Mike, Ah Sessor Fred, Grammarian, Ryan, and General Evaluator Alan.
We had a new member join, Bryan Baki.

April 6th we will have to find another location as the town election is that day.

February 17th Wednesday at 7p.m. is a scheduled radio show in Vail for an hour on Toastmasters. Alan is going to attend. More details
We are thinking of adding another role, Inspirator to our meetings, a one to 2 minute story or inpsiration at the beginning of the meeting after the Toastmaster is introduced. We also would like to start theme meetings. The table topics person could choose a theme and we could use it throughout the meeting.


2 responses to “Summit Toastmasters, Tuesday January 19, 2010 Meeting

  1. Is there a charge for this course?

    • Toastmasters is not a ‘course’ but a collection of like-minded individuals who wish to learn to speak better and become better leaders in the community. As it is a membership organization there is a fee to join, but visitors are welcome as many times as they need to make the best decision for themselves.

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